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Demon is a character in MapleStory.

Voice actors


  • Won-hyeong Choi (Male, In game)
  • Seung-jun Kim (Male, Trailer)
  • Hyeseong Kim (Male, Heroes of Maple)
  • Yumi Jeong (Female)


  • Tony Azzolino (Male)[1]
  • Stephanie Komure (Female)[1]


  • Tarusuke Shingaki (Male)[2][3]
  • Kumi Tanaka (Female)[3]



  • In KMS (Korea MapleStory), Won-hyeong Choi is in game Demon's voice actor.
    • He voiced over Demian von Prios of The War of Genesis III Part.2. Coincidentally, Demian von Prios and Damien's KMS name, Demian (데미안) have the same name. And his name comes from Max Damian of Hermann Hesse's novel Demian.
    • He is the narrator for Surprise Mystery TV. KMS makes parody videos of that TV program. He becomes the narrator for the first and third video there.


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