1. George Richard Rabbit, Zaza and Zuzu (Crying) (Peppa Pig)

2. Bulk in any episodes, Cici in Phantom of the Grand Ol' Opry, Bubbles The Clown in Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere, Pengy & Walle in Leave it to Space Beavers & Prince Pyjamarama in Ruse of the Rajah (The Further Adventures of Superted) 3. Bigfoot (A Goofy Movie) 4. Tom, Jerry, Mighty McWolf, Wildmouse, Bat Cat, Commander, Urfo, Urfo Catcher and Ant (Tom and Jerry Kids) 5. Professor XXXL and Monty Uno (Codename: Kids Next Door) 6. Fall-Apart Rabbit (Bonkers) 7. Scooby-Doo, Fred Jones, 14-Carat, Sea Monster, Baseball Spectre, Mummy and Ewan McEwan (What's New Scooby-Doo?) 6. Mighty McWolf, Dweeble and Wildmouse (Droopy Master Detective) 5. Runt (Animaniacs) 4. Dr. Claw, Brain and Mad Cat (Inspector Gadget) 3. Furrball, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper, GoGo Dodo, Barky Marky, Byron Bassett, Bookworm, Papa Bear, Big Bee and Babzilla (Tiny Toon Adventures) 2. Abu, Cave of Wonders and Rajah (Aladdin) 1. Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo Where Are You?

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